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Eight Recruitment Challenges Recruiters Face

Recruitment is always a hard and drawn out, intensive process. Even after spending decades on recruitment, talent acquisition professionals routinely stress about how best to comprehend their client mandates as imperatives for hiring are constantly changing. Herein lie 8 challenges, recruiters embrace to deliver an unbeatable recruitment solution:

1. Best media Enablement

In line with strategic recruitment strategy and henceforth, recruitment source decision matrix, channels are finalized. In case of confidential senior level hiring, recruiters follow different mandates, customize processes and employ multiple recruitment layouts.

2. Improving Efficiency

A lot of recruiters’ time and energy is spent on ineffective administration and duplication of efforts. Sourcing volume of suitable candidates, reviewing CVs and verifying take days and weeks thus decelerating the entire process. It has a direct consequence on cost per hire metric.

3. Better Candidate Experience

Hiring process is stressful for everyone. Recruitment agencies spend a considerable time and resource validating candidates. For external partners the process is even more complex as there are many ambiguities in the process. External recruiters not only need to explain every step of the hiring process to the eligible and shortlisted job seekers and also be transparent and honest during all stages of communication.

4. Avoid Making A Bad Hire

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in an interview once said bad hires have cost his company well over $100 million. Estimates like these are still conservative, if we consider the overall accumulated social economical and cultural cost companies have to suffer due to lackluster bad apples. More than going with their gut, experienced recruiters prefer their network references, bring in third party perspective to add more dimensions, structure interview processes to generate better transaction outcomes.

5. Improving Applicant quality

Adding secret sauce to this challenge, every recruiter curates best of the breed candidates from plethora of traditional and non-traditional channels.

6. Quicker Time to hire

Top talents can come and go in the blink of an eye leaving the organizational goal in a lurch. Finding great people is a skill that comes to only a few seasoned recruiters. Speeding up hiring is all about bringing onboard candidates who can quickly become topflight contributors in no time.

7. Measuring performance and result

How are we performing? Are we adding enough meat to your bottom-line? Concrete, measurable goals with solid data in simple interfaces show the real return on investment on desired parameters and channels. Be it interviews per hire, cost per hire, performance of new hires, turnover rates, candidate satisfaction, quality of source or fulfillment score, employers should have an simple, accurate interface to measure all activities.

8. Reducing recruitment costs

By bringing different functions to one recruitment partner, client not only can consolidate all domain specific recruitments but also significantly reduce expenditure. In addition, there would be better turn-around time and quality of talent.

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